Teacher arrested for bringing gun to school

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SAN DIEGO — An English teacher was arrested for allegedly bringing a gun and knife to Farb Middle School in San Diego’s Tierrasanta neighborhood, school officials said.

Seventh- and eighth-grade English instructor Ned Carter Walker, 41, was taken into custody in a parking lot at the Tierrasanta school Monday morning and booked into county jail, according to San Diego Unified School District officials. He later posted $50,000 bail and was released on his own recognizance.

Ned-WalkerSDUSD police Chief Rueben Littlejohn told reporters that the school shooting in Sandy Hook, Conn., may have played a part in Walker’s decision to bring a loaded .380-caliber pistol and a knife with a 2 1/2-inch blade onto the school grounds.  He said that whatever the motive, bringing a weapon to a school campus is a felony.

“We speculate that, based on reports from staff members, this employee had somewhat of an infatuation with guns and brought the weapon(s) to the school to protect himself in the event of a violent intruder,” Littlejohn said during a briefing late this morning.

Courtney Rizzo, interim principal at the La Cuenta Drive school, told parents in a letter that administrators were limited in the amount of information they could release on the allegations against Walker.

“Our focus is to continue to ensure that our students are safe, the learning process goes on as usual and we work with the proper authorities,” Rizzo wrote.

If Walker is convicted of either felony weapons charge, he could be fired, district spokesman Jack Brandais said.


  • Heather

    Were the guns found in his classroom or in his vehicle? I've heard conflicting stories as my daughter attended the school until late January when we moved to Texas.

    • guest

      I support this teacher. He was trying to protect himself and his students. Some states, Texas being one are training their teachers to use guns and bring them on campus for this very reason. I think it would be safe to say that their will be a huge teacher shortage in the near future because no one in their right mind would put themselves at risk to teach other people's children out of the goodness of their heart. Either that or the salaries are going to have to go way, way up.
      It's a crying shame because most teachers are excellent at what they do and it comes from

  • Just a normal guy

    They received a tip he kept them in his classroom but it doesn't say where they were found. Honestly can you blame the guy? Would you rather your kids teacher have a weapon (assuming for the protection of himself, students, and co-workers) or not to have a weapon IF a mentally unstable person comes to the school shooting? Personally I feel if teachers want to bring a pistol to school they should be allowed to if the meet certain established criteria ie: Can legally own a weapon, the weapon is registered to them, take and pass an annual psychological test, take and pass an annual firearm safety and skills test. This should be the choice of each individual school.

    Now the privacy issue comes to light. Should the school be required to announce they do or do not allow teachers to have weapons? (IMO yes) If they do allow weapons, should the HAVE to list the teachers that have weapons? (IMO no). If parents do not want their kids at a school that allows weapons should that be an acceptable reason for an inter-district transfer? (IMO yes).

    Just my two cents.

    My situation: 3 school aged daughters, gun owner.

    One more thing, if you are going to report news you should use the correct jargon. A clip is loaded from the top of the weapon, a magazine is loaded from the bottom. This is pure speculation but if there were only 7 rounds in the mag then it's either not fully loaded or it's a large caliper, but smaller frame, handgun.

      • mark is wrong

        Nope, normal guy is right.

        Its maddening to listen to people use the wrong terminology. It was a magazine.

        • Sean

          Not completely correct. A clip is a device that holds bullets in an orderly fashion prior to placing the bullets in the magazine. A clip is used to load a magazine with bullets.

          • Just a normal guy

            You are probably referring to a stripper clip and there are two ways to use them. They can be used to load a detached magazine and then the magazine will be inserted to the bottom of the receiver. The 2nd way is to load an attached magazine by sliding the ammo from the stripper clip, thru the top of the receiver, into the magazine. That would be a common method for loading a SKS.

            Bottom line, a clip either loads a detached magazine or loads an attached magazine thru the top of the receiver. A clip never loads a weapon from the bottom or the receiver, that’s called a magazine.

          • Jim

            Really, everybody is correct, except Mark. It's hard to take any journalists or politicians seriously when they don't know the difference between a clip and a magazine, or between a bullet and a cartridge. Anyone who says we need to ban clips that hold more than 10 bullets is not qualified to discuss the topic.

  • Heather

    I definitely cannot blame the guy. My daughter was in his class and says he is a wonderful teacher. He told her class (and I'm sure others) he would do whatever it took to protect them. That, I respect. My situation is also 3 school aged daughters and husband owns several guns.

    • FarbParent

      I concur, see my post below. Mr. Walker is my son's teacher and taught my eldest son previously. He is a dedicated teacher who has informed my children that he would do whatever it takes to defend the students from a shooter or attacker.

      We need more teachers like this. I need a Mr. Walker in my daughter's elementary school!

      SDUSD President, Mayor Bob Filner, and other politicos would have us believe our students are safer without a teacher ready to defend them, WRONG!

  • The Anti-elitist

    Welcome to the Great Peoples Republik of Kalifornia where it subjects its peasent to rely on its Gestappos for protection and are forced to beg for mercy from criminals or have their face splattered in front of a barrel.

  • Henry

    I don't understand "gun free zones". Does it not tell those who want to do harm with a firearm that there will be no one to shoot them? It seems it would be easy to walk into this school with a firearm since this one had been there a while. Also, why is it that those who make these rules have armed security?

  • FarbParent

    Mr. Walker has been an outstanding teacher to both my sons.

    Parents and students – Please voice your support for Jean Farb Middle School teacher Mr. Ned Walker who was removed today for allegedly being in possession of a firearm. Whether this is true or not, we all love Mr. Walker and know that he is a hero and champion of students and put our childrens' safety first!

    We all know that when you need the police in the next few seconds they are only minutes away! My children and many other children know that Mr. Walker would defend his students at all costs from a threat. We need more teachers like Mr. Walker. We need to stand behind Mr. Walker and voice our support!!!!

    Thank you Mr. Walker for thinking of the students FIRST!!! "

  • Sezme

    Who's to say that this teacher is completely stable? He might act normal and then shoot an unarmed student he "thinks" is an armed threat. No one except trained law enforcement personnel should carry a gun into a school if at all.

  • Pertinax

    "We speculate", "based on reports", "had somewhat of",

    Do you hear all the "weasel words"? They are trying to portray this guy, who certainly did a very foolish thing, as some crazed gun-nut. They are trying to make anyone who has any interest in firearms appear suspect, if not actually mentally unstable.

  • mike

    Judging from the logo on the guys ballcap, he may have received training from a renowned firearms school called "Gunsite" in Prescott, AZ. I am all about having somebody who knows how to use a gun in schools. Gunfree Zones only enure that law abiding citizens are unarmed.

  • me109g4

    This guy deserves a pat on the back,, NOT bent over the table by the local school board! He is one of the few i would like to have educating my kids.The administration needs to realize that "Gun Free Zones" are nothing more then an advertizement that says "nobody here is capable of resisting you" but it seems to be a difficult concept for some,,

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