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Dorner manhunt extends to Mexico

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LOS ANGELES — Did fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner escape to Mexico with the help of an accomplice?

Police said at a news conference on Tuesday morning that they are now investigating over 1,000 clues, and the investigation is going in many directions.

They’ve seen about a 400 percent increase in tips since the $1 million reward was announced, Lt. Andy Neiman said.

He added that the volume of tips has been a source of some frustration as authorities try to sort through all the potential leads.

Federal officials are investigating the possibility that Dorner fled to Mexico, according to an affidavit filed by U.S. Marshals Inspector Craig McClusky. The affidavit cites an alleged attempt by Dorner to steal a yacht from a Point Loma marina last week. The boat owner told police that Dorner said he needed to get to Mexico.

McClusky also wrote that Dorner could be getting help from a”a known associate” identified only as “J.Y.” The associate owns property near the area in Big Bear where Dorner’s burned truck was found on Friday, according to the affidavit.