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Is it possible to start a new life under another name?

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SAN DIEGO- Secret bank accounts, fake passports, disposable cellphones, it all sounds like a “Bourne Identity” movie, but more people are attempting to disappear.

“You can get passports, you can get fake id’s, you can get social security numbers. It’s just not that hard,” says Wayne Paterson of Nighthawk private investigations.

Paterson Has been tracking “Runners” for years and has learned their tricks along the way.

“There are millions of reasons to disappear.

There might be an abusive boyfriend or someone who is running from an overwhelming debt, but the first thing they need to do is close all accounts,” says Paterson.

“We are talking bank, email, phones, leases payments, I’m talking everything.”

It’s Illegal, but thousands of folks create false identities every year.

“you buy a fake id made in china then you try to create a real one with the fake. Then you can create a real/fake Identity. Paterson says it’s difficult to find these people, but in the end they always make a mistake and there old lives comeback to them…