Family devastated by dog shootings

LAKESIDE, Calif. – Residents in a Lakeside neighborhood are on high alert after a dog was shot and killed and another was seriously injured.

Dog shot and killed in Lakeside


“Something like this happens – it’s unthinkable,” said Tina Konen, holding onto her dog “Bella,” now wearing a cast on her little leg after someone shot her over the weekend. “You don’t think your dog can walk down the street and get shot.”

Konen said the pinscher-dachshund mix and “Buddy,” a rescued black lab, got out of their home Saturday afternoon.  The family searched for the dogs during the night.  They were found early Sunday morning about a quarter mile from their home.

Bella was found hiding in a yard.  Buddy was found dead in front of another home.  The family buried Buddy, then took Bella to the vet.  At that time, they thought the dogs had been hit by a car.

Dog X-Ray“The vet called us and said she had been shot with pellets,” said Konen, who is confident Buddy was also shot after neighbors reported hearing gunfire that night.

Konen said his death has devastated the family that’s already dealing with a crisis.



“Right now, we’re kind of on a tight budget.  My husband has cancer and we lost our home.  We got Buddy for comfort for my husband – that was his buddy,” Konen said.

She wants to make sure Bella heals and that the shooter is caught.

“All the neighbors are really afraid. They’ve all got dogs, too,” she said. “Everybody wants to catch who did this.”