Applications to adopt hero dog pour in

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SAN DIEGO – A 15-pound maltipoo Sophie that was injured while protecting a puppy from a coyote attack has recovered and is available for adoptions, according to a local animal shelter.

SophieSophie may not look too tough, but her story is heartwarming.

“She was playing in a backyard when a coyote came in to attack another puppy. Just when the family heard a ‘yelp,’ they turned and saw Sophie jump in front of the puppy,” said Jessica Gercke of the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Sante Fe. “Before the family could scare the coyote away, Sophie was bit in the neck.”

While a few stitches remain, Sophie is in good spirits and is ready for a new home.

“We have applications coming in from Las Vegas, New York, Washington DC, Palm Beach Florida — really from all over the country,” said Gercke.

Since there is a long line of people wanting to give Sophie a new home, Helen Woodward Animal Center is requiring people to submit an application and a 300-word essay on why she should go to them.

Applications and essays are due by February 10. Caregivers hope to match her with the perfect home in time for Valentine’s Day.

Information about adopting Sophie is on the shelter website.


  • grey7399

    The original owners suck. They kept the puppy but threw away the dog with injuries. I hope animal control take the remaining dog away.

  • GerstFrau

    Grey, don't be so judgmental! These owners recognized, as soon as it happened, that given where they lived, they could not protect their babies from coyotes. So they did the best thing they could for them, and gave them up so they would be safe and secure and loved. Shame on you for judging them so harshly when you know nothing about the anguish that went into that decision.

  • Get Real

    You're all kidding right? I may be wrong, but the first article eluded to the fact this dog was rescued earlier in life, but I may be wrong. That said, these two dos were bonded, so much so this one risked its own life to save the other. They both got paid back for their loyalty by being thrown in a shelter. How nice of this family. Why couldn't they walk the dogs instead of letting them roam free? There were NO other alternatives? Please! I don't know about this particular shelter, but 'most' shelters are full of disease and sickness – and although most people like to keep a bling eye to it, most of the animals do NOT get adopted out. They get killed! Of course, thats not what anyone really wants to hear. These people took the easy out, don't sugar coat it, or make any one of us feel badly for them. I'm not sure if they have kids, but I'd imagine the yard isn't safe for them, either. So, what shelter did they dump them off on? You may think I'm being too harsh, but before you judge me, look up the real statistics on how animals are treated in this country and your shelter's policies. If this dog wasn't in the media attention, how do you know how it would have turned out? Open your eyes folks and stop thinking shelters are nice places where dogs get belly rubs and cookies all day long. They're very hard on an animal and truly usually not very nice places.

  • Dee

    We live in an area with a high coyote population. We also have three dogs, two very small and one large. The coyotes come into our back yard at night. Out dogs are NEVER outside unattended. We take them to a fenced dog park to run. I could not fathom surrendering our furry family members for any reason. Hopefully this little hero finds a home that will provide her with unconditional love.

  • Janvil

    She is so gorgeous! If I lived in the area, I'd be banging on the door to adopt her! I hope she finds a nice, safe home.

  • dougfun

    Our dog is the same size and breed as this dog (we adopted her too)–they could be twins, and we would never let her outside where coyotes are known to be. Plus she is the most submissive and non-aggressive dog I've ever seen.

    Anyway, this is NOT an outside dog. Ours is VERY low maintenance and never destroys anything. So unless their dog was the complete opposite, there was no reason to put it up for adoption. But I'm glad it will go to a better home and loving family.

  • Kent

    Don't blame the previous owners. We all know that there are complete douche bags out there. It is what makes us better than "them".

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