Body found in storm drain

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SAN YSIDRO, Calif. – A body was discovered Thursday in a storm drain near the US-Mexico border  in San Ysidro, San Diego police said.

San Diego Fire-Rescue Department assisted officers to investigate how the body of a man they believe has been missing for a week got in the water drain on the 600 block of East San Ysidro Boulevard.

An undocumented immigrant said that he came across a body in the drain pipe near the location on Friday and reported it to authorities two days later, San Diego police Lt. Joseph Ramos said.

RaBody Found In San Ysidro mos said they have been looking for the body ever since but had difficulty locating it.  On Thursday afternoon, lifeguards and the US Border Patrol agents finally located the body.

They have not confirmed the man’s identity, but believe he is a friend of the man who reported it.

Authorities said the dead man may have been trying to sneak into the country illegally and that this is a common, yet dangerous, route that illegals take.

“The conditions are filthy down there,” Ramos said. “Water is running through those storm drains. It’s very unpredictable and there are quite a few hills here so the currents can get very strong.”

Police have been in touch by phone with the undocumented man who reported the body, but are unsure if he is currently in the US or Mexico.  It is unknown if the man was traveling with the man who died or if he stumbled upon him.