San Diego travelers on board with trolley to the airport

SAN DIEGO –- To get to San Diego’s Lindbergh Field, the only current options are by car or by bus.  Mayor Bob Filner wants to give travelers another option.

In his state of the city address on Tuesday, the mayor pushed to link the trolley to the airport.  When Fox 5 asked San Diego travelers about Filner’s idea, many of them liked it.

“For a business trip, that would definitely be convenient,” said Jeff Lee, traveler.

“Every time I come to the airport, I would use it,” said Erin Rosenberg, traveler.

Rosenberg and her mother, Laurie could have used such a trolley leaving for their trip to San Francisco.

“We took my car to underground parking, then I have to take a shuttle to the airport,” explained Laurie.   “I usually have to allow 30 to 40 minutes just to do that.”

“It’s in our long range plans,” said Gary Gallegos, executive director of the San Diego Association of Governments.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 5.34.37 PMGallegos said SANDAG already has Filner’s idea in a plan called Destination Lindbergh.  The first phase of the plan calls for creating a transit hub on the north side of the airport.

“It would sort of be like a Grand Central Station for San Diego where all the modes of transportation come together.

The hub would connect rail traffic like Amtrak and the coast, but also the city bus, trolley and hopefully eventually a high speed rail.  It would also connect passengers to a rental car terminal.  However, making the connection presents some challenges.

“One of the things we’ve been working with Caltrans on is how do you then develop direct access of interstate 5 so you can get right to airport,” said Gallegos.

Another obstacle is getting all parties involved on board with the idea.  SANDAG’s Board consists of mayors from 18 cities and two county supervisors.

“They’ve supported this idea.  They’ve supported Destination Lindbergh.  The question is how fast we can get it done right?” said Gallegos.

Travelers at Lindbergh Field are hoping very fast.

“I would definitely use that, I think it’s a great idea,” said Laurie Rosenberg.

Travelers said it’s not only about convenience, but saving money, too.

“I’d love that it would be economically beneficial and I wouldn’t have worry about parking,” said Rosenberg.

“Nobody likes paying for long term parking fees, it gets expensive very fast,” said Matthew Williams.