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FAA grounds Boeing Dreamliners

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SAN DIEGO — U.S. regulators have ordered airlines to ground all Boeing 787s until they can fix a fire risk linked to batteries aboard the jetliners.

The FAA order came after Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways grounded their 787 fleets.

ALA grounded all 17 of its 787s after one made an emergency landing in western Japan due to an electrical fire that sent smoke into the cabin. Japan Airlines followed suit Wednesday. One of its 787s had an electrical fire in Boston Jan. 7.

Boeing’s newest airliner also has had problems with fuel leaks.

Japan Airlines uses the fuel-efficient Dreamliner to fly between Lindbergh Field and Narita Airport. Carol Anderson of Japan Airlines told City News Service the San Diego-to- Tokyo flight was canceled through Friday.

“Operations beyond that date will be decided after further assessment,” Anderson said. The next flights are scheduled for Sunday and Monday.

About 50 Dreamliners are in service worldwide. Together, ANA and Japan Airlines have the biggest bloc.


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