King tide impacts San Diego beaches

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LA JOLLA, Calif. — A king tide impacted San Diego beaches Friday morning bringing an extremely high tide.

Mark Moede, National Weather Service meteorologist, said king tides occur during new and full moons.

“When the alignment of the sun and the moon are on the same side of the earth,” said Moede.“So that the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon together creates really high tides in certain parts of the world.”

king tideTwelve hours later an extremely low tide occurs and Friday evening that’s what visitors on La Jolla shores experienced.

“I’ve lived here half a year,” said surfer Justin Behravesh. “And this is the lowest I’ve ever seen it. I was pretty surprised coming out here.”

Moede said the impacts from Friday’s king tide will continue for the next couple days and slowly the tides will return to normal.

“Tomorrow morning it will spike back up with a high tide of 7.2 feet during the morning,” said Moede. “And then the low tide of -1. 7 that occurs at 3:51 tomorrow afternoon.”

Friday evening Bobby Ranum was taking advantage of the shifting tides, scouring the beach with his metal detector.

“When these super low tides come in,” said Ranum. “It exposes a lot of the beach.”

Ranum hadn’t found any treasure yet, but was holding out hope.

“Maybe something where I don’t have to show up to work tomorrow,” Ranum joked. “Gold ring. Necklace. Something like that.”

Moede said the next king tide to impact our beach will occur on July 21 with the full moon. The high tide is expected to be 7.5 feet on that day.