Brown’s budget would raise school spending

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SAN DIEGO — The state budget proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown Thursday is a good start toward restoring education funding, but the impact on the San Diego Unified School District is not yet clear, Superintendent Bill Kowba said.

The governor proposed raising spending on K-12 and community college education by $2.7 billion in the fiscal year that begins July 1. The hike would be $19 billion within three years.

Brown also plans to increase spending to the University of California and California State University systems by 5 percent.

“As we study the details of the governor’s proposal, we are hopeful we can maintain stable school staffing in the next budget year,” Kowba said. “After five years of cuts to education, it is a relief to see that trend reversed, but as the governor stated, it will take time to return education funding to the adequate levels that we saw in 2008.”

The SDUSD said its financial staff will study the funding proposal and issue a report on local impacts at a Board of Education meeting scheduled for Jan. 22.

He said education officials will probably lobby the Legislature for “enhancements” to what Brown proposed.

The governor said previous spending reductions and November’s passage of Proposition 30 led to a balanced budget and a chance to increase education funding.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson applauded the governor’s budget for restoring education funding, but said cuts to early- childhood education. He also said he remained concerned about the “fragile” fiscal condition of some local school districts.

Alliance San Diego — an organization that backed the Proposition 30 tax increases — issued a statement that called the budget proposal “a good start to not only fixing our school funding crisis but also moving California forward.”

Assemblyman Brian Jones, R-Santee, said he was “encouraged” by the governor’s focus on fiscal restraint, but called on Californians to closely watch the Legislature’s budget process in coming months to make sure revenue from the ballot measure goes to education.


  • steven greenwald

    i am still skeptical of prop 30 impact on school funding in that the sales tax increase of one quarter per cent depends on sales and with the increasing cost of food,rent, education, and health costs and obamacare there is less disposable income and less monies for clothing electronics and cars thus tax revenues may DECREASE further.. leaving less monies for education at all levels..second the cost of medical care for the SDUSD is 167 million dollars this year and will increase by another 10% that is 17 million dollars less for teachers salaries and school supplies!! with all due respect to the governor i believe he is failing as our leader..people and businesses are leaving california in droves because of high taxes ,,fees cost of energy and regulations!!thus decreasing the gnp and less revenues for our golden state.. THE SOLUTION is jobs jobs and more jobs and less taxes!!! ASAP..MY WEBSITE IS GREENWALD4MAYOR.COM….VOTE 4 STEVEN GREENWALD4CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR IN 2014.. STOP THE WAR ON DRUGS IMMEDIATELY,,DECREASE PRISON POPULATION AND EXPENSES!! LEGALIZE MARIJUANA ASAP…in oregon for every dollar spent on the treatment of substance abuse the state SAVED $7.EDUCATE OUR YOUTH AND allow them to fulfill their potential to the best of their ability.. do not incarcerate them ,, folow governor cuomo leadership in NEW YORK STATE.. follow INDIA PORTUGAL SPAIN AND ITALY..create jobs by having multinational companies invest in california and not in asia.. use tax incentives to create jobs in the energy/solar conservation and water conservation industries smart gutters like in melbourne austrailia and grey water retrieval systems.. flood control infrastructure in northen california and a waterpipeline for excess water to the southern part.. no high speed train to nowhere!! greenwald 4 governor 2014

  • steven greenwald

    mr brown said the recivism rate for californias penal system is 70% keep substance abuse possesion and marijuana possesion individuals OUT OF PRISON ..let thenm fulfill their potentiall to the best of their abilities out of prison.. with the saved money pay teachers salaries!!! no more pink slips!!! GREENWALD4GOVERNOR IN 2014


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