Program scores your quality of life

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CARDIFF-BY-THE-SEA, Calif. – Whether you want to or not, you are playing “The Ultimate Game of Life” and now a program can keep score.

The online self-help program is an interactive coaching seminar that lasts 90 days with the goal of turning around a life filled with indecision and apathy.

“If that’s not what you are focused on then what are you doing? I’m serious what are you doing with your life, because what ever your goals are is what you are trading your life for,” said Jim Bunch president of

After following 12,000 people and identifying common distracted behaviors and time mismanagement Bunch said he realized what ever people surrounded themselves with is what they became.

“They are a byproduct of what ever they are introduced to,” said Bunch.

The program systematically alters small environmental changes in a players life with the goal of creating inspiration, clarity and ultimately happiness.

“How you do in the games is how you do in life,” he said. “What most people don’t realize that’s the life that they designed.”