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Ordinance would require businesses to recycle more

SAN DIEGO — San Diego County businesses that produce more than four cubic yards of garbage per week would be required to recycle more of their waste under an ordinance to be considered by the Board of Supervisors next week.

trash-truckUnder the current law, single-family homes, multifamily housing complexes and businesses larger than 20,000 square feet are required to recycle certain materials if they are in unincorporated areas. In 2011, they helped divert 60 percent of solid waste from landfills, according to the county.

The proposal would change the requirement to businesses that produce four cubic yards or more of waste per week, the same as the state standard. Consideration of the measure is scheduled for Wednesday.

Hospitality and residential provisions would be unchanged.

County staffers wrote that adoption of the ordinance would enable the county government to meet state recycling standards, conserve landfill space and encourage investment in “the recycling and waste reduction industry.”

If the item is passed, the supervisors would consider its adoption one more time next month.

A bill passed by the Legislature in 2011 calls for 75 percent of solid waste around California to be steered away from landfills and recycled or reused in some way. The measure also requires local jurisdictions to develop commercial recycling programs.


1 Comment to “Ordinance would require businesses to recycle more”

    les said:
    January 4, 2013 at 2:13 PM

    why is it taking so long..should have been done long ago!! (reference to CSN 4 dead in Ohio)
    home owners have been required for 15 years or so..why not the business's

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