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Wrong-way driver accused of causing I-52 fatal crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SANTEE, Calif. –  A woman driving the wrong-way on a freeway crashed her pickup truck head-on into a car, fatally injuring the driver, and remained in jail, California Highway Patrol officers said.

The victim was identified as Jayme Alan Midlam, 25, of the Clairemont neighborhood of San Diego. April Thompson, 23, of National City, was jailed after the 12:58 a.m. on State Route 52 east of Mast Boulevard, a CHP dispatcher said.

Midlam was driving his white 1972 Volkswagen Beetle east on Route 52 approaching Mast Boulevard when his car was destroyed by a Chevy 2500 pickup truck heading west in the eastbound lanes, the county Medical Examiner said.

“The victim of the Volkswagen was fatally injured on impact,” according to CHP dispatch. “Thomas suffered moderate injuries and was placed under arrest after being treated at Sharp Memorial Hospital.”

Midlam was pronounced dead at the scene.

Thompson was booked into Las Colinas Women’s Detention Facility after being released from a hospital. Traffic was rerouted via the Mast Boulevard exit following the crash, which closed eastbound Route 52 for several hours.


  • Paul Snay

    I worked with Jaymee Midlam at UPS and we was worth more than than this April Thompson's life could ever accomplish.

    • dsa

      really? and how do you know that? what she did was clearly wrong, but your statement is emotional, not factual.

  • Guest

    with all the rant n raving on the other news sites re: this tragic story, no one is asking the obvious…How DRUNK to you have to be not to know/realize youre going down the FREEWAY in the wrong DIRECTION!

    STOP! turn around. or maybe she was doing this on purpose? like that other wrong way driver a yr ago or so back..SAME PLACE TOO.

    • tyf

      It's kind of difficult to believe the female driver was said to be so drunk but she hit no other car? no embankment? and no explanation for how she got on the wrong side of the 52 to allegedly drive all the way from Santee (many miles) to near the UPS depot?! This story isn't explained well or it's not that believable. I read this yesterday on the Yahoo and then did a search again today to try to gain some clarification but still it's too vague; the pictures on Yahoo showed the VW crashed but with no visable evidence of a person having been inside the car… That haunted me: but I cannot seem to find those same fotos again. The whole circumstance is too suspicious: but the majority of the public is psychotic and presume everyone accused is guilty to suit their own ill minds and sick plots; they won't care if an innocent one is accused unfairly and tortured by the criminal defamation unless it happens to one of them.

  • Lexie

    Jamie was a good friend of mine . She deserves life . She took his life & I hope this haunts her for the rest of her sorry life .

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