Sketch of man who exposed himself released

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Deputies release composite sketch of man who exposed himself in Cardiff.

ENCINITAS, Calif. – Authorities reached out to the public Friday for help in identifying the man who exposed himself to women around Cardiff on three occasions in a month.

In all of the cases, the white man about 25-30 years old exposed himself while engaging in a lewd act, San Diego Sheriff’s Department Detective Shawn Silva said.

The most recent incident was reported just before noon on December 17 in the 2200 block of Carol View Drive in Cardiff, said Silva. The suspect was wearing a green hooded sweatshirt and nothing from the waist down.

Women reported similar sightings on November 29 and Dec. 7, according to the detective.

Crimestoppers offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Anyone with information should call Silva at the Encinitas Sheriff’s Station at 760-966-3500 or 858-656-5200.


  • jtbud42

    Isn't there better stuff for the police to do then waste resources looking for a man that exposed himself….god forbid you see someone's genitalia. That is what is wrong with America…the way we view sex creates more sexual deviants. If it were a woman doing this it wouldn't be a crime or at least wouldn't be reported.

    • sj sb

      You need to understand these perverts are toying in their minds to do sexual acts to innocent victims. Possibly children. There is nothing wrong with the way Americans view sex crimes. It's you with with the short sight.

    • nricc

      The fact that this person is a repeat offender is what's unsettling. Godforbid little kids are walking by and witness this scum bag engaging in inappropriate behavior like this. This guy needs to take it indoors…you really think that police trying to put a stop to some creep acting like a total perv is "whats wrong with America"? Get real.

  • Paul

    I think if they catch him, let him do his time in California, but after that, send him to Alaska!… Much less likely he'll be running around without pants this time of year there!!

  • Stephanie

    I’d gladly look at genitilia all day if there wasn’t a threat of being raped in my own home. You don’t know what’s next when exposing themselves loses its appeal, and you don’t know how horrible it is until it happens to you or someone you care about. Jesus, go watch Criminal Minds or Law and Order and educate yourself, asshole. Thanks.

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