I-805 traffic diverted as man sits on overpass ledge

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SAN DIEGO — A man who was threatening to jump from the 43rd Street overpass of Interstate 805 prompted officials to close the freeway Friday and call in emergency negotiators.

Possible jumper backs up trafficThe man was spotted sitting on the overpass with his feet dangling around 7:45 a.m. and the San Diego Police Department’s emergency negotiating team was brought in, according to San Diego police Officer Frank Cali.

Once the man is talked down, he will likely be taken to the county’s Mental Health Services for an evaluation, Cali said. It was unclear if he would face charges.

The California Highway Patrol issued a SigAlert at 8:39 a.m. for the northbound Interstate 805 lanes. The on-ramps from Plaza Boulevard and Sweetwater Road in National City were shut down.

Northbound traffic was being diverted to eastbound and westbound state Route 54, then back onto the interstate, according to the CHP.

The southbound lanes were also closed and traffic was being diverted onto state Route 94, according to Caltrans. Motorists were advised to avoid the area.



  • Liz

    Thank you for ruining my Friday commute….. if you hate yourself that much then find other ways to go bazerk. Don't try to just gain attention by being selfish! Jerk! I want to get home to my children after a long day of work. My drive is already 1 hour. Last time some idiot wanted to jump off the the 163 it took me 4 hours to get home!

    • Angie

      God help him!! …but that is very selfish.. its the Holiday weekend we need to get home toour families if life is that bad look for God or get attention a diffrent way.. not on my time!

    • Zach

      a little harsh for knowing jack about someone whose problems stem deeper than you'll ever imagine. right about now, the only one who's being selfish here is you. give the guy a break, you have no idea what is going on in his life. yes, he diverted my commute as well, but that didn't stop me from being concerned. where's your heart?

      • Mom

        My thoughts and prays are with him. Life is hard not always an easy thing but its beautiful. I lost my aunt a few years ago on 4th of July everyone found out the tragic ending she took but choice. I only wish we still had her today. Depression sucks! I am a much happier person now that I have The Lord in my life. I wish him the best, will be praying for him.

    • Zombie

      You selfish fuck. This man clearly was either unstable or so depressed that he wanted to end his life, and you fucking complain about your commute? This is what's wrong with this fucking country. Everybody is so fucking selfish. If someone wants to kill themselves, you're supposed to help them, not bitch and whine about your fucking drive home you sick piece of shit.

  • jazmin

    may god help him, and ppl who sit there and become angry towards him. its not his fault his life is in this path. It sucks to feel as if you don have any one there for you, even if it is just for attention. Its so sad that ppl feel the way they do, ok we get it you were stuck in traffic, so what for all you know this person attempting this and holding you up for as long as he did could have prevented you from something bad. One thing ive learned is there are NO such things as coinidences. If it was your family up there you would be worried. so put a sock in it if you dont have nothing nice to say because one day someone wont have anything nice to say about you, could be today tomorrow or after your gone.

  • Boboy

    Life is a cycle, it just repeat itself over and over again, the path we're going is all about what action we're taking, some don't have much of a choice, but those who do, should have not taken life for granted.

  • Mom

    I worry for the lack of morals and empathy these people have for others, that show they only care about themselves. No different then bullies. Ill pray for an improvement in character.

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