Get home safe on New Year’s Eve

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liquorThe Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) will operate a regular weekday schedule for all Trolley and Bus Routes on Monday, December 31, 2012.

     Several MTS Bus Routes operate to or past midnight, including Routes 7, 8, 15, 30 (from Old Town), and 901.  Frequency is reduced to every 30 minutes or more. 

The Trolley has service past midnight, but the last trains leave downtown prior to midnight.

Blue Line       From America Plaza to San Ysidro                11:48 p.m.

Orange Line  From Santa Fe Depot to El Cajon                  11:49 pm

Green Line    From 12th & Imperial to Santee                                  10:06 pm

Green Line    From 12th & Imperial to SDSU                                   11:44 pm


People using public transit on New Year’s Eve are advised to check their bus or trolley timetable schedule carefully.  All schedules are posted on the MTS website: