2013 brings new state laws

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SAN DIEGO – From a ban on hound dogs chasing bears and bobcats, to increased protection of children against pedophiles, the new year will bring hundreds of new laws in California, many of which hit at the center of some of the nation’s hot button issues.

Depending what you drive, you could save a few bucks when it’s time to get your smog test this 2013.

Vehicles made in 2000 to the current date will no longer require a tailpipe emissions test. The new law is intended to save money and time.

Another law impacting motorists are driver-less cars.  Starting on the first of the year, these cars will be allowed on public roads, but only for testing purposes.

state capitol califThe driver-less vehicles won’t be completely unmanned however, the new law requires someone be sitting in the driver seat, in case of an emergency.

When it comes to privacy online, a new law will offer you an extra layer of protection, from your boss.  It prohibits employers from obtaining usernames and passwords from employee’s social media accounts.

In an attempt to increase protections of children against sexual abuse, a new law inspired by the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal will require coaches and administrators in public and private schools to report suspicion of sexual abuse.

The new year also brings increased access to birth control.

Registered nurses will be allowed to hand out drugs, including the birth control pill, without a doctor’s signature or patients having to see a doctor.

On the topic of immigration, in 2013 California will begin granting driver licenses to young undocumented immigrants who qualify for President Obama’s Deferred Action Status (a renewable, 2 year a work permit.)

Clergy members opposed to gay marriage will be exempt by law from performing same-sex marriage ceremonies.

The new year may also bring another setback for gay rights activists, a bill that had been signed into law banning a form of psychotherapy aimed at turning gay teenagers straight, is now on hold until further notice.

The outlaw of this form of reparative therapy is being challenged in court and is currently under constitutional review.

A new law will require condo and apartment owners to have a carbon monoxide detector in their home.

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    I think, the Undocumented, Immigrants. Should be Documented to Live Here in the Good Ole USA._And show prove that can be followed up to make sure that, they are also on a ligit, Working Permit.
    I would also like to see. A link for more of the 2013, New Laws. Thank YOU

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