WWII veteran pleads for return of stolen medals

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VISTA, Calif. – An 88-year-old World War II veteran said eight of his medals of honor were stolen from his Vista home.

Clyde Kellogg, who was wounded storming the beaches of Guadalcanal , said his war medals were taken from his wall on Friday.

Stolen War MedalsThe medals included a Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Presidential Unit Citation, World War II victory medal, three riflery medals and a good-conduct medal.

Retired 1st Sgt. Kellogg pleaded Tuesday for the person who burglarized his home to return the war medals.

“They don’t have any financial value what so ever,” said Kellogg. “It’s devastating to have lost something I’ve treasured for over 65 years.”


  • Richard

    If that is the collection of awards belonging to the 1stSgt, then that is not the Bronze Star, it is the Silver Star. At least that what it looks like in the picture.

  • c2makepeace

    It is a Bronze Star and the medals can be replaced. He or an interested person on his behalf such as a family member, his nonworking congessman or senator can write the National Records Center in St Louis, Mo who will verify the medals and forward them to the proper agency to reissue the medals. If you really, really care about this soldier a ceremony would be held with a commisioned officer of the United States Army presenting same to this former soldier.

  • c2makepeace

    This is a Marine. It is a Bronze Star. I previously posted a reply the only difference would be is whom to write and all services have personnel stationed at the Personnel Records Center in St Louis, Mo. But this Marine being retired his records are probably in Kansas City, Mo but I could be wrong. The Marine Corps take care of their own, even a trip or call to the local Marine Recruiting Office could provide info on the process of replacing the First Sergeants medals.

  • Momto5

    It doesn't matter if it is bronze or silver, the point is they were taken. Sometimes the memories are the only thing left for this older generation and we have younger punks who steal because they are stupid and have no sense of value. The value of hard work is absent from them. It's typical of today's society. They have a sense of entitlement – I deserve these things too, so I'll take them from those who truly earned them.

    I do hope they can be replaced or returned. Like he said, there is no money value to them and therefore – no point in having stolen them in the first place.

    • swedishfish

      I am saddened to have to agree with you. My generation doesn't appreciate its elders, nor understand real sacrifice.

  • Harvey watson

    I would love to assist this retired nco with the replacement of his medals. I am an active duty nco and have access to these awards at good prices. I just need an address.

  • Michelle

    I feel bad for this man. I cannot believe someone would do that. And everyone thank that nco for offering his help.

  • CCC

    It's wonderful that so many people have come forward and offered to replace them but I doubt they would have the same sentimental value that his original ones had. I hope they are recovered or that the person who took them decides to return them.

  • Mac Mckee

    Replacing the medals will not replace the "original" which many times have meaning and memories as to when, where, with whom, and by whom the original medal was presented. Those memories cannot be replaced by a "new" medal.

  • Alix

    First of all, I hope this gentleman gets his original medals back.

    If he doesn’t, though, I had to replace my dad’s medals. You can get them through the VA; you just fill out a form for them. While it’s not the original medals, they are still evidence of service. Every service member gets a free replacement set during a lifetime, so the veteran doesn’t even have to pay anything.

  • will

    My advise to whom ever stole the medals…return them ….return them as soon as you can……..there are alot of us out in the world and if we jarheads find you……
    yoorah to the Marine that got the repacement medals……Sempre Fi to 1st Sgt kellogg…..2/2…

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