Study: Bounce house injuries are on the rise

SAN DIEGO — It’s become a must have at kid birthday parties, but some say inflatable fun houses a cause for serious concern, study said.

“We send out a ton every weekend,” said Rachelle Friberg, co-owner of the bounce house rental company Triple J Jumps.

As the popularity of these inflatable jump houses continue to grow, more kids are getting hurt while using them, a study said.

A new study done by Nationwide Children’s Hospital found that since 1990 close to 65,000 kids were injured using inflatable fun houses.

The study also shows that between 2008 and 2010 the number of injuries doubled.

“A child is taken to the ER every 45 minutes for a bounce house injury,” said Dr. Gary Smith, who led the study. “It’s an epidemic.”

“No shoes, no climbing, no flipping,” Friberg went down the guideline list she makes her clients sign off on, before renting out her bounce houses. “At the end of the day, it takes parent supervision. You can’t just expect to just leave the kids at the bounce house and go in doors, it’s not a baby-sitter.”

No matter how careful parents may be, Dr. Smith and others in his field are recommending national guidelines be made for the use of these bounce houses.

“Because of the alarming and rapid rise in the number of injuries associated with inflatable bouncers, national safety guidelines must be developed. It’s time that we take action to help prevent these injuries,” said Dr. Smith.

“What are they going to do next? Have kids get a license to ride either bikes?” Friberg reacted to Dr. Smith’s call for guidelines.