San Diegans stock up on Twinkies

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SAN DIEGO — Friday morning’s announcement by Hostess Brands officials that their company will be going out of business, sent hundreds of San Diegans out to grab as many Twinkies, Ding-Dongs and Devil Dogs as they could.

Holly Ofaro came out of Chula Vista’s Hostess Outlet Bakery with six bags.

“I got Twinkies, Wonderbread and fruit pies,” she said.

Hostess Brand officials said the company is asking Federal Bankruptcy Court permission to close its operations due to a bakery worker strike.

Production of the baked goods has already ceased.

Many gas stations, grocery stores and bakeries across San Diego County got their last batch of Hostess baked goods Friday morning. Many shelves were wiped by late Friday morning.

“I got the last box of Twinkies!” said Stacey Hoyle of Chula Vista.

The closing also means the company’s nearly 19,000 employees across the nation, including dozens in San Diego, will lose their jobs.

But many Twinkie and Ding Dong lovers remain hopeful the brand will survive.

“Another company will come and buy it out – it’s a big name brand,” said Jon Birtcher.


  • les

    people went without these snacks for years, now they act like they can't live without them? obviously they don't realize that some other bake company is buying the rights to them… and Dj165 the workers have to take some responsibility also. just as management must take responsibility…it takes two to tango so when a marriage fails it's both parties fault…..

    • dj9165

      Workers absolutely have to take some responsibility, not just the the union. They followed the union blindly, sheep.

  • Mom

    Sad that people are losing work. However this is the sign of the times.
    Please no more Hydrogenated fats, Trans fats, Sugars and snacks that give us Diabetes.
    I bet there was NOT one sign person there underweight with a BMI under 24.
    Have an apple or orange. Or something grown local. At worst, there are snacks that are not filled with cancer causing junk. Don't be sad over something that can survive in a closet
    for a year. And for goodness sake put down that soft drink!!

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