Local teens make film about dating violence

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SAN DIEGO– A local non-profit is using creative story telling to educate at-risk youth in Linda Vista about teen dating violence.

“I like learning the experiences of other people, I like filming this,” 13-year-old Daniela Soriano said.

Soriano is working on a story about a boy and a girl, but unfortunately it’s not a fairytale. The middle school student is telling a story that is reality for many women in Linda Vista.

“She’s in a violent relationship,” Soriano said. “She has many fears and she’s been trying to get out of it, but she doesn’t know how.”

Ten girls at Montgomery Middle School a have been working with the “Girls, Camera, Action” project to bring the story to life.

Their short film depicts a teenager in an abusive relationship.

She turns into a butterfly and eventually breaks the cycle of abuse by finding help.

Their work will be used as a Public Service Announcement about teen-dating violence when it is done and how they’re telling the story is just as important as the story itself.

“We’re making it in stop motion which is sort of an outdated form of animation or even film making,” Girls Camera Action Artistic Director Steven Topham said.

The girls are the producers, they build every scene and every frame they cut is captured on camera before being put through a special computer program.

The PSA will make its big debut December 5th at the San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts.


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