Bilbray concedes to Peters in congressional race

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WASHINGTON — Rep. Brian Bilbray Friday conceded in the race to represent San Diego’s 52nd Congressional District and congratulated Scott Peters on his victory.

“With the majority of votes counted, I would like to congratulate Scott Peters in his bid to serve the citizens of the 52nd Congressional District and the people of San Diego,” Bilbray said in a written statement.


With about 120,000 provisional and mail-in votes still to count, Peter had 50.7 percent of the vote and Bilbray trailed with 49.3 percent. Peters was ahead by 3,877 votes.

Peters said he has been working hard in Washington, D.C., preparing to get to work.

“I’m encouraged by the tremendous group of colleagues I’ve met here so far: freshman members of Congress, because like me, they all heard loud and clear during their campaigns that voters are tired of the partisanship, tired of politicians who put party over people,” Peters said. “I look forward to working with everyone to get things done for San Diego and the American people.”

He thanked those who walked, called, contributed and gave their support, and said it was their energy and enthusiasm that helped him win the close race.

Bilbray and Peters agreed that although the campaign was hard-fought, it was time to put it behind them.

“While Scott and I differed sharply on how to handle the issues facing our nation, now is the time to put those differences aside and find common ground to address our country’s many challenges,” Bilbray said.

Bilbray, who represented the 49th Congressional District from 1995 to 2001 and the 50th Congressional District since 2006, had been a top target of Democrats for years. He survived previous attempts to oust him, however redistricting moved him into some unfamiliar territory for this re-election bid.

Bilbray said he would continue fighting for issues he believed in and that benefit San Diego, but in a different capacity.

“I look forward to finally having the opportunity to spend time with my family and seven grand kids,” Bilbray said. “I wish Scott and his family the very best in his endeavors.”

Peters thanked Bilbray for his service and said he looked forward to his support as he transitioned into office.

Peters, who is currently a San Diego Port commissioner, served two terms on the San Diego City Council from 2000 to 2008.

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  • Jason Tyrone

    Hell yeah!!! Another wacko neocon war monger
    Out of office!!! Mr. Peters i wish you luck with your new job. Im a libertarian and well i voted for you because of how the Republicans treated us during the primary. So hopefully mr. Peters you will work for all of us and maybe even pick up on some libertarian ideas. And to bilbray let ur party know if they continue to screw libertarians over your party will be no more by 2016

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