Car company spills secrets to selling a multi-million dollar car

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LA JOLLA, Calif – Rick Ahmunada  has gone from car washer to selling a $30 million Ferrari GTO.

His view of the car industry is wide and he said selling a Camry or Bentley is night and day.

“When you are working with a high volume consumer car, it’s all about closing as many deals as possible, but when it’s a $2.5 million Bugati it take a bit more finesse,” Ahmunada said. 

Ahumada said his secret is to create a vision of what it will mean to pull up in a Rolls Royce and have someone get the door.

“In this market, it’s all about emotion. People will walk in not even wanting a car, but when a car leaps out sometimes buyers can’t help it,” said Ahumada.

 It’s Ahumada’s task to help the emotional process and in the end close the deal.


  • Dave

    Sounds more like a schister used car saleman. Any sales person that uses Emotional processes, also known an spin selling is unethical and the lowest of lifeforms.

    • Sarah

      My father has purchased a car from Rick – and in all his years of car dealing said this was the least amount of bull he's ever encountered at a car dealer. When you're buying that kind of luxury vehicle you want the emotional process. You'll see, one day.

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