Baby Mama

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baby mama

Tina Fey (left) worrying about Amy Poehler’s diet, since she’s carrying her baby.

This is a familiar premise, that brought unexpected laughter because of the two hilarious Saturday Night Live cast members of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The movie was written and directed by Michael McCullers, in his first time behind the camera (he wrote the script for Undercover Brother and two Austin Powers flicks).

This movie had more laughs than Juno or Knocked Up, the two most recent getting pregnant unexpected comedies (if that’s a genre). It was also a lot more believable, which makes the jokes play a lot stronger.

In this, Fey plays a businesswoman in her late 30s that seeks a surrogate. She can’t find a man that would be suitable, so this is the route she takes. Poehler plays a white trash gal who has a redneck boyfriend (the perfectly cast Dax Shepard). He’s the type of guy that, when being broken up with, yells “I’m going to bang all your friends. Consider them banged.”

Greg Kinear runs a smoothie store and he’s caught the eye of Fey. She has a dopey boss, whose idea of catching your eye is having you stare for five minutes at another person uninterrupted. This rich hippy, with the white pony tail, is played by Steve Martin. He has those goofy spiritual philosophies that are perfectly written.

What makes this such a fun comedy is that the jokes are clever, and Fey has the perfect deadpan delivery, while Poehler has the perfect facial expressions for her wacky antics. For every lame scene, like the gals out dancing at a night club, there are at least three scenes that work brilliantly.

You’ll laugh every time Fey catches Poehler doing something disgusting, like peeing in the sink…or eating junk food that Fey thinks isn’t the healthiest for the baby. The chemistry they have together is wonderful.

Two supporting characters are played well by serious actresses Sigourney Weaver and Maura Tierney, who always work well in comedies.

I initially saw this movie at a screening, and my girlfriend didn’t want to go. When we went to see something else a few days later, we had 30 minutes to kill. We went into a theatre showing this to kill time, and she enjoyed it so much she went with a group of girlfriends a few days later. They all loved it.

Let’s hope more SNL regulars produce films as good as this, instead of the junk they usually churn out.

This gets a B, for baby.